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“Because every day that beach is NOT crawling with insurance people is a crime against humanity.”

-The motivation behind how construction of the immense Breakers Hotel was completed in less than one year

You, me, the FISCE & Palm Beach = 😎❤️

Our train is pulling into The Breakers this week to support our pals at the Florida Surplus Lines Association as they host their annual convention. If you’re onsite please say hello and there maaaaaaaaaaayyyyy just be a free gift in it for you.  

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Featured CE Webinar This Week: An Hour With Nicole: Why Personal Lines Deductibles Always Confuse Insureds, Wednesday, 8/9, 2 – 3pm Eastern

Always Confused. Deductibles are commonly understood when agents sell and service a policy. However, applying deductibles to a loss may work a little differently than insureds (and sometimes agents!) expect. In this awesome Webinar Nicole “WTH’s Decaf?” Broch uses several examples to fortify an agent’s understanding of both general and unique applications of deductibles in common personal lines policies.

Need Your 4-Hour Law & Ethics Update? We have Webinars that fulfill the requirement for P&C licensees, Life/Health licensees, and All-Lines Claims Adjuster licensees. Learn the latest happenings with FL rules/regs/laws and fulfill your 4-Hour L&E Update requirement with us. Check out the schedule below and register online today!   

CE Webinars This Week (all times Eastern. Keep scrolling to see the full month schedule):

  • WED, 8/9, 9a – 1p - For Life & Health Licensees In 2023: 4-Hour Law & Ethics Update. In need of your Law & Ethics Update? Join Karin “I’ll Ask an Alaskan” Woofter and get up to speed on the latest.
  • WED, 8/9, 2 – 3p - An Hour With Nicole: Why Personal Lines Deductibles Always Confuse Insureds. It’s our featured Webinar this week for a reason! See the description above.
  • THURS, 8/10, 1 – 4p - Claims That Will Convince Your Insured To Enhance Their Homeowners Coverage. More now than ever, FL homeowners are seeing their coverage erode and are tempted with choices to reduce their coverage to tame runaway premiums. Nicole returns with this timely and insightful Webinar on the dangers of compromising coverage.

Remember, if you’re an unapologetic lover of the Sunshine State keep scrolling for this week’s F5 (“Fascinating Factoid For Fanatical Floridians”.)

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Imagine it’s 1893 and you’re part of a survey team hacking through the brush between Lake Worth and the Atlantic coastline. “I know old Henry has the golden touch,” you say to your colleagues. “But a huge as$ hotel? Here? In this gnarly hellscape of spurs, sawgrass, bugs, and heat? I think the old man’s losing it.” 

Within a year, upon that very spot, Flagler again proved that colossal piles of money often defy expectations and opened the Royal Poinciana, his first luxury Palm Beach hotel. It was the largest hotel on earth and reportedly the world’s largest wooden structure at the time. It’s future was not as bright as that of its impressive sister property, The Breakers, however. The RP couldn’t overcome the devastating economic effects of the 1929 Wall Street crash and subsequent Great Depression, leading to its closure in 1934 and demolition shortly after.