Bots, Crypto, Weed (and Insurance)

Florida Insurance Man Crypto Bots Weed

“While driving itself the car I bought with Bitcoin was obliterated by falling space junk.”

-A claim you will hear soon if not already

Well…here we are. Big data is watching your every move. Virtual currencies are powering transactions globally. Cars are driving themselves, stuff orbiting the earth can actually hurt you, genetically modified animals and marijuana are everywhere. Instructor Steve “He Ain’t” Lyon returns this Thursday from 9a – 12p with Bots, Crypto, Weed And Other Risks You Never Imagined Insuring (But Here We Are). Join us for this mind-blowing Webinar and learn about many exposures that just recently would’ve seemed too futuristic to even exist (much less create an insurance concern!)

In need of your 4-Hour Law & Ethics Update requirement? Learn the latest happenings with FL rules/regs/laws and fulfill your 4-Hour L&E Update requirement. Check out the schedule below and register online today!   

This week’s CE Webinars (all times Eastern. Keep scrolling to see the full month schedule):

  • TUES, 4/25, 9a – 12p - Lurking: Surprises In The Contractor’s CGL Policy & Endorsements To Watch Out For. If insuring the construction industry is your jam then you need to join instructor Cathy “On a Mission” Trischan for this deep-dive on contractor’s liability issues and how to handle them.
  • TUES, 4/25, 1 – 4p – Why Good People Do Bad Things: A Deep Dive Into Agency Ethics. Agency principal/legendary Florida Man Terry “Everyone’s Insurance Dad” Tadlock discusses agency culture, decision making, and how insureds are affected by our behavior. 
  • WED, 4/26, 9a - 1p - For Property & Casualty Licensees In 2023: 4-Hour Law & Ethics Update. If you’re in need of your 4-hour Law & Ethics Update and want to learn the latest from a guy in the know, join David “Special Sauce” Thompson Wednesday and he’ll knock it out with you.
  • WED, 4/26, 2 - 3p - An Hour With Dave: Fast Facts About Flood. After a short break (probably to check on the ribs in the smoker) from his morning session, Dave returns for an awesome hour on all-things flood.
  • THURS, 4/27, 9a – 12p - Bots, Crypto, Weed And Other Risks You Never Imagined Insuring (But Here We Are). If the promo above didn’t convince you to take this Webinar then nothing I write here will make a difference. Hope you’ll join us!
  • THURS, 4/27, 1 – 4p – Chris Amrhein’s “Adventures In Aging”: Social Security & Other Retirement Income Solutions. FISCE’s retirement/financial guru Chris “Always on Spring Break” Amrhein is back in the hotseat with tons of takes, sage advice, and workable strategies regarding income solutions for the golden years.

It’s a fine week to be at the FISCE and we’re humbled to share it with you. Remember, if you’re an unapologetic lover of the Sunshine State keep scrolling for this week’s F5 (“Fascinating Factoid For Fanatical Floridians”.)

Until the next round…cheers!

Kevin “Well…Here I Am” Amrhein, CIC, CBIA

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It’s April 23rd, 1982, and you’re waking up in your hometown of Key West, FL and quickly learn that, apparently, you no longer are a citizen of the United States.

In protest of a federal roadblock set up near Florida City (which caused significantly gridlock and resulted in hundreds of cancelled visits to the islands) Mayor Dennis Wardlow declared that the islands were seceding from the union. They would now function as a sovereign nation called The Conch Republic for which he served as Prime Minister. The nation declared war on the United States before quickly surrendering and requesting $1 billion in federal aid.

The story of the CR is incredible and I hope you take a few minutes to take in the full history as described on their official website.