One for the Ages (All of Them)

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“The sea was angry that day, my friends – like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli.”

-George Costanza (explaining how dislodging a golf ball from a whale’s blowhole made him a beach hero)

It’s a fine week to be at the FISCE and we’re excited to share it with you. A few helpful resources, highlights of this week’s events, and our full-month schedule are below.

Huge win for those with impulse control issues. Congrats to the hundreds of you who heeded our warnings and registered early for the FREE Webinar for CE on Monday afternoon, 6/26 from 2 – 3pm titled 2023 Legislative Changes: What, Why and When. We hit our max number (much quicker than we expected: y’all are awesome!) so registrations are officially closed. If you missed out this time, don’t panic! We’ll offer this topic again soon. Stay tuned to future editions of the newsletter for announcements.

Need to know about your CE requirements? Get help by visiting our CE Compliance page.

The sea is angry. As the season rolls on, providing storm preparedness resources to your insureds is essential and we think is a great place to start. Review their collection of useful info and pass it along today

Featured CE Webinar This Week: Chris Amrhein’s “Adventures In Aging”: Social Security & Other Retirement Income Solutions, Tuesday, 6/27, 1 – 4p Eastern

This is one for the ages. All of them. That you’re able to earn CE credits is a plus, but the content in this Webinar is so valuable that people of all ages should attend. Retirement is coming (and for many has already arrived!) Join veteran insurance educator Chris “Always on Spring Break” Amrhein as he shares his own adventures with Social Security and other retirement income solutions for seniors. He’ll discuss eligibility, enrollment, changes, costs, benefits, limitations and just about everything else. Whether the information is for the benefit of your clients, your family, and/or yourself, you’ll be ready!

Your 4-Hour Law & Ethics Update. We have Webinars that fulfill the requirement for P&C licensees, Life/Health licensees, and All-Lines Claims Adjuster licensees. Learn the latest happenings with FL rules/regs/laws and fulfill your 4-Hour L&E Update requirement with us. Check out the schedule below and register online today!   

CE Webinars This Week (all times Eastern. Keep scrolling to see the full month schedule):

Remember, if you’re an unapologetic lover of the Sunshine State keep scrolling for this week’s F5 (“Fascinating Factoid For Fanatical Floridians”.)

Until the next round…cheers!

Kevin “Best Seinfeld Character = Puddy” Amrhein, CIC, CBIA

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It’s the first week of June, 1966 and you’re loading up for a day fishing the reefs off Key West. Gray skies form and the breeze quickly turns to gusts. “It’s June in Florida,” you say to yourself. “What else is new?” You assume the storm will blow through as quickly as it formed.

But this one is different. Something isn’t right. Conditions continue to decline over the span of several hours. “It’s the first week of June?! What the %^&* is this?” you angrily snarl as you return to shore, feverishly tie up your boat and seek shelter.

You later would learn the storm which ruined your day (as well as that of many other Floridians) was given a name by the National Hurricane Center. Hurricane Alma was the first hurricane to strike the US in June since 1825 and as of the day of this writing remains the most recent hurricane to strike in that month.