Getting Rich!

FISCE Webinars = Getting Rich

The FISCE has several Webinars this week that will make you **rich and I prove it in this week’s short video.
Seriously, if you haven’t yet attended both of the financial/retirement Webinar topics taught by legendary Floridian Chris “Always On Spring Break” Amrhein, we hope you can make time to join him this week. On Tuesday, he’ll review several products designed to assist with the financial component of retirement planning. On Thursday, he’ll review the ever-changing, complex world of Social Security and Medicare. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Chris’s presentations is his ability to take data-intensive topics like these and make them…dare we say…fun?! As we often say, the fact you can attend these topics for CE credit is a nice bonus, but we hope you’ll consider attending because this information is essential in assisting your clients, friends and family in achieving the elusive goal of financial security.
On Wednesday, another legendary Floridian (who now calls Hilton Head, SC home) Terry Tadlock is in the hot seat to discuss his favorite topic – agency culture and conduct. If you haven’t experienced a course with Terry, please take his Webinar this week and see why he’s perpetually one of the most sought-after educators in the country.
Additionally, I hope you’ll consider joining yours truly on Thursday for a quick-and-awesome hour on insuring side-hustles/gigs/jobs. Finally, for my friends reading this who have an All-Lines Claims Adjuster license, please join me Friday for our monthly offering of your 5-Hour Law & Ethics Update course.
To learn more about what we’re up to, watch the short video below, see the bulleted list of upcoming Webinars below, scroll to the “Featured Webinars” section below, and/or visit the full Webinar Schedule online.
That’s all for now. Until the next round…cheers!
Kevin “Asterisk” Amrhein, CIC
(**I concede that “rich” may be a minor/slight/small exaggeration intentionally used to get attention/reads/clicks. But hey, the video was fun, right? Right?!)

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