My Gramps Kicked #*%! – Happy Veterans Day

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As mentioned in this week’s video, there’s no shortage of stressful happenings out there. The neverending “stormy” season (thanks to Eta). A grim outlook for the future of the property insurance market in Florida. Election stress. A pandemic. 

I’m guessing you want to scream now. I know how you feel, so I thought this a good time to tell you about my two grandpas - Bill Belanger and Nick Amrhein. One Air Force, one Navy, both veterans of the second World War.

The stress these two faced as young men in the 1940s is incomprehensible to me. I’m so thankful for them and all service members – past, present, and future. In celebrating Veterans Day this week, it’s my hope that knowing what our country’s finest are willing to do for us will help ease your mental burdens as “G-Bill” and “G-Nick” have always done for me.  

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That’s all for now. Until the next round…cheers!

Kevin “proud grandson“ Amrhein, CIC, CBIA

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Happy Veteran's Day! 🇺🇸 Know a Veteran? Thank a Veteran! 🇺🇸


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  • TUES, 11/10, 1-4p – Alphabet Soup: The Mistakes and Coverage Behind D&O, EPLI, FLI, and EBL (instructor: Chris Amrhein)
  • THURS, 11/12, 8a-1p – For Life & Health Licensees: 5-Hour Law & Ethics Update (2020-2021) (CE5-215) (instructor: Karin Woofter)