Oh For Cryin’ Out Loud (Ode to Neverending Stormy)

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I have a confession. When crooning about the ‘Neverending Stormy’ season a few weeks ago, I didn’t realize that this season would, in fact, never end. Since then, two named storms have directly affected Florida. As I write this, our storm-fatigued neighbors in central America are bracing for yet another big one.

As I’ve said previously, as long as the universe continues hurling these things at us, we at the FISCE will continue giving to victims of these natural disasters as well as those brave folks who travel to affected areas to assist. If you’re able to help but not sure how, please note the info for our charity partner – Volunteer Florida – at the bottom of this newsletter. I know they’d appreciate any and all you can do.

As for the FISCE, we have a HUGE week of webinars for you – see the list below. Join the industry’s finest instructors for a massive variety of topics including life insurance, water damage, commercial transportation exposures, commercial liability claims, self-driving cars and many others. Additionally, if you are a P&C licensee or an All-Lines Claims Adjuster licensee in need of your 5-hour Law & Ethics Update, note that we have webinars later this week for you.

To learn more about what we’re up to, see the bulleted list below, scroll to the “Featured Webinars” section below, and/or view the full Webinar Schedule online.

That’s all for now. Until the next round…cheers!

Kevin “Know Any Good Movie Puns?“ Amrhein, CIC, CBIA

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Upcoming Webinars This and Next Week (all times EASTERN):

  • TUES, 11/17, 9a-12p – Dead or Alive: The Many Functions of Life Insurance (instructor: Corey Wilkins)
  • TUES, 11/17, 1-4p – Everything’s Soaked and My Stuff Stinks: The Water Damage Webinar (instructor: Nicole Broch)
  • WED, 11/18, 9a-12p – Insuring Commercial Transportation Exposures: The Business Auto & Motor Carrier Coverage Forms Webinar (instructor: Sam Bennett)
  • WED, 11/18, 1-4p – Commercial Liability Claims That Cause Problems (instructor: Terry Tadlock)
  • THURS, 11/19, 8a-1p – For Property & Casualty Licensees: 5-Hour Law & Ethics Update (2020-2021) (CE5-220) (instructors: Kevin Amrhein, Kristen Gray of the FSLSO)
  • THURS, 11/19, 2-3p – An Hour with Kevin: Insuring Self-Driving Cars, Scooters, & Other Modern Transit Risks (instructor: Kevin Amrhein)
  • FRI, 11/20, 8a-1p – For All-Lines Claims Adjuster Licensees: 5-Hour Law & Ethics Update (2020-2021) (CE5-620) (instructor: Kevin Amrhein)
  • TUES, 11/24, 9a-12p – Construction Contracts: What the Agent Should Know, Do, and Not Do (instructor: Cathy Trischan)
  • TUES, 11/24, 2-3p – An Hour with Kevin: Extra Money for Bills, Beer or Both – Insuring Your Side-Gig (instructor: Kevin Amrhein)