Webinars To Make You Smarter & Bruce 🐶 Happy 😊

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Laura. Marco. Hurricane season. Pandemic. Here’s the least brilliant thing I’ll ever type… there’s a lot of stressful stuff happening these days. For that reason, I’d like to introduce you to Bruce.
The handsome mug in the image above is Bruce – our 14 year-old Rat Terrier. He makes our family smile every day. August 26th is International Dog Day: with all the stressful things going on out there, it’s my hope that you have a Bruce in your life. If a dog isn’t your thing, I hope something else serves as your “Bruce.”
At FISCE, our goal has never changed: offer education options that sharpen the skills of Florida’s professional insurance community. We strive to do this in a way that also will make you smile because smiling people make Bruce happy. We like it when Bruce is happy. 
We have several Webinars this week that I discuss in the short video below. Offerings include a few 5-Hour Law & Ethics Update courses for various license-types as well as some great electives. 
To learn more about what we’re up to: watch the video, see the list of upcoming Webinars below, scroll to the “Featured Webinars” section, and/or view the full Webinar Schedule online.
That’s all for now. Until the next round…cheers!
Kevin “Named My Dog After Springsteen” Amrhein, CIC
Florida Insurance School Continuing Education (FISCE)
We do it for Bruce!
List of Webinars this week (all times Eastern):
  • TUES, 8/25, 9a - 12p – Commercial Additional Insured Endorsements – Status & Purpose (instructor: Robin Federici)
  • TUES, 8/25, 1 - 4p – Homeowner’s Policy Coverage Concerns for the Modern Family (instructor: Nicole Broch)
  • WED, 8/26, 8a - 1p – For Life & Health Licensees in 2020: 5-Hour Law & Ethics Update (CE5-215) (instructor: Karin Klaassen Woofter)
  • WED, 8/26, 2 – 3p – An Hour with Kevin: Insuring Self-Driving Cars, Scooters, & Other Modern Transit Risks (instructor: Kevin Amrhein)
  • THURS, 8/27, 8a – 1p – For Property & Casualty Licensees in 2020: 5-Hour Law & Ethics Update (CE5-220) (instructor: Kevin Amrhein)