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“Social Security? Medicare? I just signed up online and everything worked exactly as I expected. Yay!”

-Absolutely no one, ever



This Sunday is Father’s Day. And what more does dad want for his children then a life rich with happiness, wisdom and professional success?

I know what you’re thinking. It makes perfect sense and I totally agree…

Your dad wants you to take FISCE Webinars.

There are a few opportunities to make papa proud this week including one (taught by my awesome dad, Chris) designed to help you become a Social Security and Medicare guru. With that expertise, imagine how many dads you could help?! I could go on but your attention span is fading faster than those old, too-tight t-shirts your dad will never stop wearing so I’ll get to it. Here are this week’s highlights:

  • What the Truck?? Insuring commercial transit exposures is confusing. Join Sam Bennett – FISCE’s transit guru and undisputed king of dad jokes (don’t believe us? Want to challenge him for title? Bring it on!) - Tuesday afternoon for tips on smoothing out the bumpy rides that complicate commercial vehicle insurance.
  • “Signing up was easy and made perfect sense!”...said absolutely no one, ever. It’s difficult to imagine programs more essential to retirees then Social Security and Medicare. Yet, when their time comes, an unfortunately high percentage of folks have NO idea what to do or how to maximize benefits. Get some answers AND earn some CE with Chris “Always on Spring Break” Amrhein Thursday afternoon for what has become FISCE’s most popular Webinar.
  • Gimme’ Five! All-Lines Adjuster licensee friends: join yours truly Friday morning and we’ll knock out your 5-Hour Law & Ethics requirement together. High five!

For more info about what we’re up to, see the list below and/or review the full Webinar Schedule on the website.

Finally, if you’re an unapologetic lover of our fine state, be sure to scroll to the bottom of each weekly newsletter for a little something special.

That’s all for now. Until the next round…cheers!

Kevin “Unapologetic Wearer of Faded, Too-Small Shirts” Amrhein, CIC, CBIA

Florida Insurance School Continuing Education (FISCE)

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Known as the Father of Miami and Palm Beach, it’s hard to find an individual in our state’s history that had more impact on its growth then Henry Morrison Flagler. From railroads to hotels to bridges over huge expanses of open-water, much of what this man did in Florida over just a few decades around the turn of the 20th century is still noticeable today. One of my prized personal possessions (gifted to me by a generous colleague – thank you, Larry!) is an original tourist booklet given to passengers traveling through the state on Flagler’s East Coast Railway in the early 1900s. The old, faded book is fragile but its colorful sketches of the hotels, beaches and palm trees are as paradisiacal and enticing today as I imagine they were to those passengers almost 100 years ago.