Cyber Explosion, IBM Loves…Boca?

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“I got in and eavesdropped all day. The guy just sits there singing Jimmy Buffett songs while snacking on Chex Mix and an unusually high number of bananas.”

-Cyber criminals who hacked into my webcam hoping to steal trade secrets 



Cyber criminals once tried to crash the FISCE’s website. Fortunately, our web security infrastructure and awesome IT guy identified and squashed the attempt, sending the bad guys back to their virtual black hole empty-handed.

Recent headlines prove that many businesses aren’t as fortunate. The need for cyber insurance is greater than ever. After our brush with the bad guys, the FISCE lived to fight another day. This Tuesday, we’re taking the fight to the criminals by unleashing the most powerful cyber weapon in the galaxy…a Webinar taught by legendary instructor Cathy Trischan (we think she might be a cyborg but she’s really smart and cool so we trust her.)

It’s a HUGE week at the FISCE with many Webinars on many topics. I could go on but your attention span is dropping faster than a Comcast wireless connection so I’ll get to it. Here are this week’s highlights:


  • Annoying but important. Join Scott Treen Tuesday morning for tips on helping personal lines insureds with a variety of home and auto concerns.
  • Nailed or screwed? Construction contracts are confusing and create insurance problems no normal human can comprehend. Luckily, Cathy Trischan is no normal human. Join her Tuesday afternoon as she shares her widely sought-after construction insurance expertise.
  • Gimme’ five! Property & Casualty licensee friends: this one’s for you! Join yours truly and guest instructor Felicia Meredith from the Florida Surplus Lines Service Office (FSLSO) Wednesday morning for your 5-Hour Law & Ethics Update.
  • She’s got issues. Join Nicole Broch for an hour Wednesday afternoon and enjoy how she uses her patented high-energy delivery to address several issues with loss settlement provisions in a Homeowners policy.
  • Did we mention she’s no normal human? Cathy Trischan – aka FISCE’s resident insurance cyborg - is back in the hotseat Thursday morning for her insanely popular Webinar on all-things-cyber-risk.
  • Tales of claims and big ol’ screw-ups that cost people a fortune. Nicole Broch is back in the hotseat Thursday afternoon to share many examples of Homeowners’ claims gone wrong and what could have been done to keep the story from becoming a story. 


For more info about what we’re up to, see the list below and/or review the full Webinar Schedule on the website.

Finally, if you’re an unapologetic lover of our fine state, be sure to scroll to the bottom of each weekly newsletter for a little something special.

That’s all for now. Until the next round…cheers!

Kevin “Bad Hair = Proof I’m Not a Robot” Amrhein, CIC, CBIA

Florida Insurance School Continuing Education (FISCE)

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“From resort town to business center”…


According to the Boca Raton Historical Society, the city was “put on the map” in 1981 because of “Project Acorn”: a code name given to a secret development project taking place at IBM’s industrial facility near Boca Raton. The company constructed the facility in the late 1960s across 550 acres of scrubland west of what is now I-95 south of Yamato Road and east of Military Trail. The project was the development of a Personal Computer which became an unprecedented commercial success. The incredible interest in and demand for the PC resulted in not only the rapid growth of IBM but also the city itself, bringing thousands of new residents and many high-tech companies to the area. In 1983, Time Magazine named IBM’s Personal Computer “Machine of the Year”, the first time in the publication’s history that it awarded its annual distinction to an object rather than a person.