AIs, COIs, EPLI…Agent SOL?

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“Additional Insured requests and issuing certificates are why I get out of bed every morning. They are the wind beneath my wings. My cup runeth over.”

-No insurance professional, ever


First, a personal note. Back in June, my pals at the Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA) did me the honor of inviting me to teach at their annual convention in Orlando. Doing so gave me the chance to see some of you in person for the first time in Lord knows how long and I’m so grateful to the association for that opportunity.

This week, it’s my honor to teach at the Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies (LAAIA) annual convention in Hollywood. If you’re attending, I hope you’ll say hello. If you do, mention how much you love this newsletter…it may just earn you one of our legendary FISCE t-shirts!

As for Webinars, we’re firing up our August schedule with some great stuff this week. I could go on but your attention span is fading faster than that awesome FISCE t-shirt you’ll wear every day so I’ll get to it. Here are this week’s highlights:

  • You know what else should be illegal? Not taking this Webinar. Join the incomparable Cathy Trischan Tuesday afternoon as she discusses the ever-changing landscape of employment-related exposures, workplace conduct, claims, and why EPL insurance is a necessity for ALL employers. 
  • We have the cure…and its name is Cathy. For most, Additional Insureds + Certificates = skull-crushing headache. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Cathy is back Thursday morning doing what she does best: helping agents feel better by making sense of complicated AI and COI demands.  

For more info about what we’re up to, see the list below and/or review the full Webinar Schedule on the website.

Finally, if you’re an unapologetic lover of our fine state be sure to hike/bike to the bottom of this newsletter for a little something special.

That’s all for now. Until the next round…cheers!

Kevin “should also be illegal” Amrhein, CIC, CBIA

Florida Insurance School Continuing Education (FISCE)

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If you’ve hiked/biked down portions of the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway, please enjoy its natural beauty…because it was almost a HUGE-a#s ditch.

Plans for the “Cross Florida Barge Canal” had been in the works for decades before construction officially began in the 1930s. The 30-foot deep waterway would run from Jacksonville in the east to Yankeetown in the west, passing through Ocala. A significant chunk of the project – an estimated 28 percent - was actually completed before a litany of factors eventually caused the Nixon administration to ditch the ditch in 1971. The history behind our state’s never-finished-mega-hole is both fascinating and dreadful. If you’re interested in learning more and also seeing some photos of the project, check out this webpage from the Florida Historical Society.