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“I’m happy to discuss anything with you that ensures my coverage does exactly what I expect it to.”

-Something I heard an insured say in a dream once


Question: what do the following have in common:

-Kids/siblings who own cars and reside in the same household

-Kids breaking things/hurting people while performing work for someone

-Lawnmowers, golf carts, and watercraft

-Land ownership

Answer: all are common exposures with high probability of causing an uncovered personal auto or homeowners claim. If you read that list and thought “what’s the big deal?”, consider joining us Tuesday morning for a deep dive on these and other annoying-but-important personal lines coverage concerns.

On tap this week: we get personal and annoying, you (adjusters) get ethical. I could go on but your attention span is hitting the showers faster than a pitcher facing the Rays in the playoffs so I’ll get to it. Here are this week’s highlights:

  • Personal, annoying, and important. Join Scott “Guy-o From Ohio” Treen Tuesday morning for a deep dive on several annoying exposures that are essential to discuss with personal lines insureds.
  • Gimme’ five! Attention adjuster friends in need of 5-hour law & ethics credit: join yours truly Friday morning for a good ole’ fashioned ethics hunt.

For more info about what we’re up to, see the list below and/or review the full Webinar Schedule on the website.

Finally, if you’re an unapologetic lover of our fine state (and sports history) be sure to run to the bottom of this newsletter for a little something special.

That’s all for now. Until the next round…cheers!

Kevin “Annoying and Important but Mostly Annoying” Amrhein, CIC, CBIA

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What do Tampa Bay, New York, L.A., and every other American sports city/metro area have in common?

None have been home to three major professional sports league (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) champions in the same calendar year. Should the Rays win the World Series in a few weeks, they would formally cement Tampa Bay’s place in the history books. Regardless of which teams you root for, you have to admit that’s pretty d#mn impressive. On behalf of this Marlins fan…go Rays!